About Us

We are Digital Asset Capital Management

Bitcoin and the digital asset sector have been one of the highest returning asset classes in history yet the technical expertise and specialized trading knowledge required to manage exposure to them remains a barrier for most investors.

Digital Asset Capital Management was launched to bridge this gap – DACM constructs and actively manages funds of high-growth digital assets that offer sophisticated and institutional investors what we believe is the optimal exposure to the rapidly growing technology. To compliment DACM’s marquee fund, Digital Asset Fund, DAF Liquid Fund was launched in August 2018 and is 100% focussed on investing in high-quality, early-stage blockchain and blockchain-related projects. DACM also manages DAF Greeks Fund which uses market- neutral strategies to produce consistent, lower-volatility returns.

Our Expertise

We’re an Investment Manager with a unique mix of blockchain technical and operating knowledge and financial markets experience from top-tier global investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Citi

Valuation Professionals

Ability to apply core valuation methodology to an emerging asset class and understand what due diligence is.

Protocol Gurus

We understand and focus on blockchain protocols, the potential multi-trillion dollar infrastructure of the future.

Industry Connectivity

Unparalleled access to thought leaders provides differentiated exposure to early-stage projects and financing rounds.

Market Experts

Absolute top-tier, cross-financial-market trading and capital raising expertise as well as risk management.

Our Recognition

Crypto Fund Research, a leading independent provider of data and market intelligence covering global crypto hedge funds and venture capital, has rated DAF Liquid Venture Fund as 2019’s top-performing Venture/ICO style fund and Digital Asset Fund as the second-highest performing long-only fund.

We are delighted that the performance of our funds has been recognised amongst our peer group. It has been an incredible journey since we founded the business in 2017. We manage assets in what is surely the most fastpaced and volatile investment environment globally but believe our measured approach to asset selection, and the investment models we have developed, provide our investors with an edge - both through bullish and bearish conditions”.
Richard Galvin, CEO of Digital Asset Capital Management
The Team

The investment team has a unique mix of technology and operating expertise in the blockchain sector as well as financial and capital markets experience – this unique skill set allows for sophisticated technical and valuation analysis within the portfolio construction process. With principles located in Asia and the Caribbean the Fund has 24-hour coverage of the constantly trading digital asset markets.

Gabriel Abed. Co-Founder
Richard Galvin. CEO
Nick Shieherlis. Head of Research
Sean Abed. COO
Darren Fong. Investment Associate
Focused, Transparent, Professionally Managed Exposure to the World’s Fastest Growing Asset Class
Digital Asset Capital Management Inc.
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P.O. Box 800 Road Town
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