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We are an Investment Manager with a unique mix of blockchain technical knowledge, industry connectivity and financial markets experience from top-tier global investment banks.

Focused. Active. Conviction.

High conviction positions, based on fundamental research and valuation analysis, across large and small cap digital assets as well as early-stage ICO financing rounds.

Innovation. Disruption. Growth.

We are solely focussed on the digital asset sector, home of some of the world’s fastest growing technology that has the potential to rewrite how business is conducted.

Focused, Active Management of High-Growth Digital Assets

The digital asset sector and its leading constituent, bitcoin, has been one of the fastest growing and highest returning technologies in history. The disruptive potential of the asset class, and the investment opportunities this creates, is a once in a generation phenomenon. DACM's sole mission, with full transperancy and with no competing conflicts, is to provide institutional and family office investors with access to what we believe will be the future leaders in this uniquely disruptive technolgy.

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Solely Focused on the Rapidly Evolving Digital Asset Sector

Solely focused on maximizing our investors’ capital growth through proprietary and actively managed investment strategies in the digital asset (cryptocurrency) sector.

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Unique Mix of Blockchain and Markets Expertise

Unique mix of blockchain technical and operating knowledge and financial markets experience from top-tier global investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs and J.P.Morgan.

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Proprietary Investment Methodology

Proprietary investment methodology which blends fundamental analysis of the underlying technology and dedicated infrastructure with relative valuation analysis.

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Curated Exposure to High-Growth Digital Assets

We take conviction positions across large and small cap digital assets as well as early stage financing rounds of assets that display outstanding growth potential.

Team Leaders

Gabriel Abed photo

Gabriel Abed


Voted by Coindesk as one of the 15 leading global blockchain entrepreneurs. Global Blockchain Business Council member.

Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)

Richard Galvin photo

Richard Galvin

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Two decades of experience at Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan – over $80bn of capital raising experience

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)

Nick Shieherlis photo

Nick Shieherlis

Head of Research

Systems and analysis expertise with CMC Markets. Having trained across multiple practices and standards with leading blockchain knowledge

Bachelor of Science (Hons), 2:1 in Computer Science

Find Differentiated, Early-stage and Structured Investment Opportunities

Leverage DACM’s market channels to find high-growth, attractively-priced opportunities to invest in new, innovative protocols that have the expertise to advance the technology and business experience to execute on focussed end user markets.

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